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If you or a loved one has been involved in an alcohol-related traffic accident, it is very important that you contact a top injury lawyer who has been successful representing victims of drunk driving accidents. In our most recent results on behalf of a family whose daughter had been killed by a drunk-driver we obtained one of the largest verdicts in the State against the driver and his insurance company. The lawyers at the Tyrone Law Firm convinced the jury in the case of LaJean Nichols as Administratrix of the Estate of Stacy Camacho v. Seung C. Park to return a verdict in excess of $5.83 Million Dollars. That verdict was upheld by the Georgia Court of Appeals.

More About Drunk Driving Accident Lawsuits:

One in three Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related crash in their lifetime; America has more drunk drivers than most countries have people. In 2009, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 15,331 people were killed as a result of vehicular accidents involving alcohol. That would equal the death toll from more than twenty one jumbo jets crashing each year.

Because driving while intoxicated or under the influence is a choice the driver has made, nearly half of all persons killed each year in all traffic accidents may be alive today if not for the actions of motorists who did not have to drink – and if they drank, did not have to drive. In fact drunk driving is the most preventable kind of motor vehicle wreck because the catalyst for the wreck is not an accident – but an intentional act of drinking.

At the Atlanta office of the Tyrone Law Firm, our drunk driving accident attorneys serving Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Gwinnett, Cobb Counties, and throughout Georgia are ready to help you in filing a personal injury claim if you have been injured or if someone you love has been killed injured by someone driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. In the event of a loved one’s death, our lawyers can help you file a wrongful death claim.

Who can be held liable?

If a person drives a vehicle in the state of Georgia while intoxicated or using substances such as prescription or over-the-counter drugs, alcohol, or narcotics, they can incurr criminal and civil penalties. If the driver had a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .08 percent or higher and that they caused an accident, then he or she can be held liable for any damages that occurred. It may also be possible to hold the party who gave alcohol to a minor accountable for the minor’s role in an accident. Our drunk driving accident attorneys will review your case and help you determine who should be responsible for the injury or death of your loved one.

We Can Help

At the Tyrone Law Firm in Atlanta, Georgia we dedicate ourselves to representing clients and their families in wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases. Although many people may think of auto or truck wrecks or even medical errors when they think of a person being injured or killed by someone else’s negligence, our experience is that in a place like the Greater Atlanta area, pedestrians and bicyclists are often the victims of motorist negligence.

If, tragically, someone you love has been killed, our team will help recover compensation for funeral costs and the emotional trauma associated with the untimely death of a family member.

If a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury we will involve a Life Care Planner to document every anticipated medical need for your future. Put plainly, we will work tirelessly to see that you obtain compensation sufficient to cover a lifetime of medical costs. If you have been catastrophically injured, the DUI defendant is found to be responsible for your injuries, it may be possible to obtain compensation for pain and suffering, diminished earning capacity, loss of wages, rehabilitation costs, medical costs and future medical needs.

The willful choice to drive while intoxicated demonstrates a woeful disregard for the safety of other people. It is against the law. It endangers us all. The personal injury attorneys at the Tyrone Law Firm have an unwavering dedication to protecting victims’ legal rights. Our experienced and diligent drunk driving accident lawyers can protect you if you have been the victim or a crime including a wreck caused by a drunk driver.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit is a complicated process that requires an exhaustive understanding of the legal system and the determination by both the client and the attorney. Our results on behalf of victims of DUI drivers speak for themselves. Let the attorneys at the Tyrone Law Firm help you today.

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