Brain Injury (TBI)

Our Brain Injury Clients:

braininjuryFew things can be more confusing and tragic than brain injury. Whether it results from immediate trauma, as in the case of impact or concussion from a auto wreck, fall or assault, or from asphyxiation, where brain injury may result from negligence during birth and delivery, or in the instance where a victim suffers a drowning or a loss of consciousness and breathing, the key to a brain injury case is helping the jury understand:

  1. What has happened to the brain;
  2. What, if anything can be done to repair the damage;
  3. If the damage cannot be repaired, what, exactly is needed to provide the injured person the quality of life we all deserve for the rest of their life.

As experienced brain injury lawyers in Atlanta, we represent families of a child injured during delivery and has suffered irreversible brain damage resulting from the negligence of a medical practitioner, asphyxiation, stroke or trauma.

The Tyrone Law Firm has represented families where a child has been injured during delivery and has suffered irreversible brain damage due to the negligence of a doctor and medical personnel. We have represented families where a child has suffered brain damage as a result of asphyxiation from a crush or a near-drowning. We also have represented individuals who have suffered brain injury as a result of a stroke or a result of trauma or concussion from a traumatic injury.

In any case, our Atlanta brain injury attorney must first prove the Defendant was negligent in allowing the injury to occur. But what we have found through our years of representing clients with brain injury is that it is the human story – the impact on them, the family and the story of what has been lost by the brain injury – that helps us present the client’s story to the jury in a way the compels them to provide significang money damages.

We have found that in representing our cleints with brain injury, we are able to do more for them than with perhaps any other client. What I mean is that people who have suffered brain injury often need specific medical intervention to provide them care and to provide them a quality of life. This is especially the case with severe brain damage and with brain damage ocurring in children. The jury’s verdict – in dollars and cents – can be used to provide all of the specific medical needs that the client will encounter over the course of their life.

This is what we can accomplish with a significant verdict or settlement on behalf of our brain-injured clients: the care they need for the rest of their lives.

To present our case to the jury, the Tyrone Law Firm utilized neurologists and neuropsychologists to conduct state-of-the art testing, in order to present to the jury the “hard facts” about the specific medical proof of the client’s injury. We then utilize family and friends to paint a picture for the jury of what life was like “before” for the client and what life is now like “after” the brain injury. Where children are involved, we have access to pediatric psychologists and neuropsychologists to explain the specific impact that early brain injury can have on the later development of the child.

The Role of the Life Care Planner:

Finally we bring trained nurses in interventional medicine to identify each medical, therapeutic and interventional need the client will have for the remainder of their life. This is the role of the “Life Care Planner”. It is the Life Care Planner who coordinates with all of the doctors and calculates each need the client will have: If they will need nurses at night, we calculate the cost. If the client needs future medical procedures or surgery, then we calculate the cost. If the client needs 24-hour a day care, then we calculate the cost.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – what is it?

TBI is a type of  brain injury that happens when there is a sudden trauma to the brain, commonly through a blow to the head. A TBI can be categorized as either mild, moderate, or severe. Someone with a mild TBI may not lose consciousness or may lose consciousness for under 30 minutes. Some other indications of a mild TBI could include lightheadedness, confusion, headache, blurred vision, dizziness, an unusual taste in the mouth, ringing in the ears, fatigue or lethargy,  and trouble with memory, thinking, or concentration. An individual with a moderate or severe Traumatic Brain Injury may exhibit identical symptoms, but may have additional symptoms such as nausea or vomiting, seizures or convulsions,  a headache that worsens or will not go away, dilated pupils, an inability to awaken from sleep, numbness or weakness in arms or legs, speech that is slurred, increased restlessness, agitation, or confusion, and a marked loss of coordination.

What can be done for a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Anyone who exhibits signs of a Traumatic Brain Injury needs to seek medical treatment immediately.  Because there is little that can be done to reverse initial brain damage, doctors will try to stabilize the individual and will work to prevent further injury to the brain. Some of their immediate concerns include ensuring that the brain is receiving adequate oxygen, that sufficient blood flow is maintained, and controlling the patients blood pressure. Those with a moderate to severe brain injury will need  rehabilitation tailored to their specific needs, involving occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychology/psychiatry, speech/language therapy, social support, and physiatry (physical medicine).


About 50% of  TBI patients will require surgery to repair or remove ruptured blood vessels, called hematomas, or to remove bruised brain tissue.  Some of the common disabilities which can result from a brain injury include problems with thinking or memory, problems communicating, mental or behavioral problems, changes in personality, and social inappropriateness.With a more serious TBI, the patient may be in an unresponsive state.

Contact our brain injury attorney in Atlanta and share your story with us today. More information about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Research is available

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