Below are just a few of our noteworthy results:

$13.9 Million Dollar Medical Malpractice Verdict in Birth Injury Case.  Dempsey v. Gwinnett Hospital System, State Court of Gwinnett County, 2013.

On January 25th, The Tyrone Law Firm and co-counsel Hunter Hillin of the Hillin Law Firm, won a verdict of $13.9 Million dollars against Gwinnett Medical Center.  This is the largest Medical Malpractice verdict ever in the history of Gwinnett County and was approximately 46 times the highest offer by the Defendant to settle the case pre-trial. Kailey suffered brain damage during delivery because she did not get enough oxygen. Every mom is connected to a device called a Fetal Heart Rate Monitor during delivery so that the doctors and L&D nurses can monitor whether the unborn baby’s heart rate remains strong (showing that the unborn baby is getting enough oxygen despite the pressures on the baby from mom’s contractions) or that the heart rate is not recovering from mom’s contractions (showing that the unborn baby is losing oxygen and needs to be delivered by C-Section before the lack of oxygen causes brain damage).  Gwinnett Hospital, and it’s labor and delivery nurses, failed to recognize the clear signs that Kailey was not getting enough oxygen and needed to be delivered by C-Section. Because Gwinnett missed the clear warning signs, Kailey was born oxygen deprived. Much like a swimmer who has been left at the bottom of the pool, Kailey had to be resuscitated and was purple and lifeless at birth. Thankfully Kailey was resuscitated and is alive today. However because of Gwinnett’s negligence, she suffers from severe delays, cerebral palsy, and seizures. She is now 13 years-old and has what her doctors describe as the the mental capability of an average 3 year-old. The jury verdict of $13.9 million dollars, once it is paid, will provide critical medical care, housing and support for Kailey through adulthood and for the remainder of her life. 

Kailey is a fighter and is surrounded by the love of her family and friends.

$5.83 Million Dollar Wrongful Death Verdict.  Estate of Stacey Camacho, Jesus Camacho v. Seung C. Park, State Court of Fulton County, 2009.

We represented the family and widow of a young mother killed by a drunk driver. The last offer before trial was $100,000.00 At trial, we achieved a jury award of $5.83 Million Dollars for Stacey’s family, husband and her son Jacob. The jury verdict included $715,000.00 for Stacey’s pain and suffering for the approximately 1 minute she lived before dying and $5,715,000.00 for the full value of Stacey’s life.

$5.4 Million Dollar Verdict for RSD Resulting from Blood-Draw with $2 Million Dollar Loss of Consortium Jury Verdict. Dee Anna Bowbliss v. Quick-Med Inc., d/b/a Exam One, Quest Diagnostic, State Court of Fulton County, 2012.

In May of 2012, Nelson Tyrone and co-counsel Lloyd Bell obtained a 5.4 Million Dollar jury verdict on behalf of a husband who developed CRPS after a technician injured a nerve near his elbow with a needle during a blood draw. The wife recovered 2 Million Dollars for the loss of services, affection and support (called “loss of consortium” under the law) of her spouse. This was the largest verdict of its kind in Georgia history.

$5.25 Million Dollar Verdict in Inadequate Security Case. Polite v. Double View Ventures.  State Court of Dekalb County, 2012.

In 2012, Nelson Tyrone obtained a $5,250,000 million dollar verdict on behalf of a client who was shot on the property of his Atlanta apartment complex as he returned from the neighboring Chevron station. He was accosted by two attackers hiding behind the gate in the fence located at the back of the apartment property. The Court found that the apartment management knew about previous similar crimes in the area and took no extra precautions, nor did they warn the residents of the apartment complex that others had been attacked on the property prior to this incident.

$4.4 Million Dollar Pre-trial settlement in Employment Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Case. In re. Jane Doe. The parties and circumstances of this case are required to be kept confidential by the terms of the Settlement Agreement.

$1.25 Million Dollar Compensatory Verdict * Confidential Settlement Reached Before Punitive Damages Phase.   Cynthia Nance v. QuikTrip Corporation, State Court of Cobb County, Georgia, 2010.

Cynthia Nance was burned by a QuikTrip Cappuccino Machine in October, 2008. Nearly a year later, the trauma developed into a nerve disorder known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) / Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). The Tyrone Law Firm purchased the machine in question and, with the help of nationally-known experts, was able to prove that QuiKTrip knew their machines were a danger to customers and that Cindy’s R.S.D. would impact her the rest of her life. This was the largest Personal Injury Verdict in Cobb County in 2010.

$575,000 Personal Injury verdict and six figure confidential settlement for attorney’s fees. (Style of Case Unpublished to protect client’s privacy),  State Court of Clayton County 2012.

A Clayton County Government employee, while driving a County van, pulled out in front of our client giving her no room to stop. In attempting to stop her car, her braking foot was broken. She sustained career-ending injuries that have significantly altered the course of her life. The injuries to her foot have required four surgeries to correct. Four years after the wreck she has fused toes, scar tissue on the sole of her foot and is unable to walk pain-free. Her doctors say that this pain is likely permanent. For a second degree black belt Karate instructor, this injury was devastating. The Tyrone Law Firm won a $545,000 verdict for their client against Clayton County. The jury verdict was three times the highest pre-trial offer to settle.

$350,000.00.  (Style of Case Unpublished to protect client’s privacy), In the Superior Court of White County, Nebraska.

After a bench trial, we were able to receive the largest verdict in Nebraska history on behalf of a woman who had been attacked by an ex-boyfriend after the State of Nebraska Probation Office failed to monitor him and failed to ensure that he stayed away from our client.

Darlinda Combs v. Abdel Rahmann, In the State Court of Dekalb County, Georgia(Confidential Policy Limits Settlement) (2008).

Darlinda Combs was hit head-on by Abdel Rahmann when he crossed the center line and drove into her lane. Though she suffered only a broken arm, when her arm did not heal properly, and her pain actually increased, her doctors determined that the wreck had caused a permanent and disabling nerve injury to Darlinda – Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). When the Defendant’s liability insurance was insufficient to compensate Mrs. Combs’ injuries, we were able to obtain a confidential six-figure settlement from Mrs. Comb’s Uninsured Motorist Carrier.

David Castle v. Flavia Depinto, In the State court of Fulton County Georgia(Confidential Policy Limits Settlement) (2007)

On the eve of trial we were able to obtain a confidential settlement of six figures for the insurance policy limits in a case where our client was hit by a driver while he was crossing the street within the crosswalk. Before we took on the case, the offer by the insurance company had been $12,000.00. After our trial preparation, and on the eve of trial, the insurance company settled for the entire policy limits – a six figure settlement.

(Style of Case Unpublished to protect client’s privacy), In the Superior Court of Fayette County, Georgia.

We were able to obtain a confidential settlement on behalf of a family whose daughter was sexually molested repeatedly by a neighbor’s son.

David Castle v. Susan Elder, In the State Court of Fulton County, Georgia(Confidential Policy Limits Settlement)

David Castle was hit by a speeding driver while crossing Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta. On the weekend before trial, the offer from the insurance company increased from $25,000.00 to a six-figure settlement of the entire insurance policy limits of the Defendant.


Before shifting his practice to representing serious injury and wrongful death cases, Nelson O. Tyrone honed his trial skills handling a variety of State and Federal criminal defense cases. Several of his victories on behalf of clients who had been wrongfully accused of crimes were the first such losses for the District and United States Attorney’s Offices prosecuting them.

United States v. Carla Kinsey, In the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia:

Nelson represented a real – estate appraiser wrongfully accused of being involved with individuals, including a real-estate developer, committing mortgage fraud “flips” throughout Southwest Atlanta. Through exhaustive preparation, Nelson was able to show the jury how his client was a victim of the fraudster’s scheme rather than a participant. After a grueling three-week trial, Nelson was able to send Mrs. Kinsey home to her severely disabled daughter. She had faced over twenty years in prison had she been found guilty by the jury.

United States v. Hoa Quoc Ta, In the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia:

Hoa Ta acted foolishly to impress a girl and introduced her to some people he thought were “in a gang” who worked at the same factory with him. When the girl and her boyfriend stole money from the gang, they turned to Hoa and his family for repayment. After months of extortion, death-threats and beatings, Hoa agreed to try to help two of the gang-members find their money. When the men were caught, Hoa was charged along with them with conspiracy to commit kidnapping, carjacking, and distribution of drugs. Nelson and his team were able to show the jury the truth of the case: that Hoa was not a criminal, and that the gang had left him no choice – help us, or we hurt your family. After sitting in jail for nearly 18 months awaiting trial, Hoa was able to return home to his family after the jury took just three hours to return a verdict of “not guilty”.

Jane Doe v. State of Nebraska, In the Superior Court of Cook County, Nebraska:

Jane Doe (to protect the victim’s identity) sued the State of Nebraska Felony Probation Supervision Unit for failing to protect her from a high-risk probationer (her former boyfriend) who began stalking her when released on probation. Although Jane complained numerous times to his probation officer, the officer, responsible for supervising probationers over a 200 square mile area, took no steps in response to her complaints. Jane’s stalker ultimately broke into her home, assaulted her and sexually molested her before the police could arrive. For failing to take reasonable steps to protect Jane from a known danger, the State of Nebraska was ordered to pay the largest verdict of its kind in Nebraska history.

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