What Other Lawyers Say About Us

You can learn a lot about someone by asking others within their community about them. At the Tyrone Law Firm, our success in the courtroom on behalf of our clients, and our track record of persistence and integrity has led to other lawyers to refer their friends and family members to us when they need our help.

In fact, most of our clients come to us by referral from other lawyers and law firms. Often this is because Nelson Tyrone has achieved noteworthy success on behalf of clients. Sometimes the referral comes from a lawyer who has been a student of Nelson’s at that premier trial skills college for lawyers in the United States – the Trial Lawyer’s College.

At the Tyrone Law Firm our job is to obtain the largest recovery possible for you and for your loved ones. Sometimes our opponents would rather settle with us than face trial before a jury. Often we find that a jury will provide a larger recovery for our clients than any settlement could. To make the community safer we are willing to fight. If you and your family have been harmed by another’s carelessness, contact us to fight for you.

We are proud of our reputation within the legal community and proud of our results on behalf of our clients and their families. Below are examples of what other lawyers say about our expertise, our commitment to our clients, our success and our integrity.

Peer Endorsements


Mark Mueller, Attorney in Austin, Texas:

“I have taught with Nelson at the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer College and worked as co-counsel on a major medical malpractice case in Atlanta with Nelson. He is a loyal friend and a creative and brilliant trial lawyer who gets amazing results for his clients.”

Douglas McDonald, Attorney in CORNELIA, GA:

“Nelson Tyrone has the ability to simplify the most complex case. He has credibility with fellow lawyers and with members of the Judiciary. Nelson excels in jury trials. His method appears down to earth and common sense. Nelson has big jury verdict experience and gets maximum value for the cases he handles. Hard work and dedication have paid off when you see the results he gets. I have no doubt that his trial skills are among the best and brightest in metro Atlanta.”

Rafe Foreman, Attorney in Dallas, Texas :

“I would hire Nelson Tyrone to handle anything for me! He is one of the greatest trial lawyers in America! NOT many lawyers can match Nelson’s passion, drive and talent. I give him the HIGHEST recommendation possible.”

Timothy Klob, Attorney in Loganville, GA:

“I have known Nelson Tyrone for the past five years as someone I can recommend to my clients knowing that he will have their best interests at heart and that he will seek to obtain the best possible result. Nelson can explain complex legal concepts and issues to clients in concise and understandable terms and demonstrates compassion and integrity in all areas of both his professional and personal life. For these reasons, I endorse Nelson and would recommend him to anyone seeking quality and experienced representation.”

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