An April 2011 study by The Insurance Research Council reports that 1 out of very 6 motorists in Georgia is uninsured. This is higher than the national average of 1 uninsured motorist out of every 7 drivers. Therefore, it is increasingly likely that if you are injured in an accident, the responsible driver will have no insurance or very little insurance to collect against.
There is nothing more heartbreaking than an auto accident that could have been prevented or that was caused by the recklessness of others. Unfortunately, the reality is that most drivers on the road carry only the minimum insurance required by law- $25,000. If the accident was their fault, and you don’t have additional uninsured motorist coverage yourself, the most you could collect to cover your medical bills and lost wages would be $50,000.
It is imperative that you take action to protect yourself and your family from these under-insured or uninsured drivers. First, review your insurance policy to see what your coverages are. You can elect to increase your “uninsured motorist” insurance from the standard coverage of $25,000- which is included by default in all auto policies- to as much as $500,000 per person, per accident. Carrying the maximum uninsured motorist coverage your carrier offers is the single best way to protect your family from careless drivers who either can’t afford car insurance or who have elected to carry only the minimum insurance policy required by Georgia law- $25,000.
If you or a passenger were to be catastrophically injured in a car wreck, $25,000 would not begin to cover lost wages, medical bills, nursing care, or rehabilitative care for your or your loved one’s injuries. But, if you have additional uninsured motorist coverage, the additional insurance can mean that your family is taken care of during the difficult months and years following a horrible accident.
Tragically, many people are permanently injured by careless drivers every year in Georgia. If your injuries leave you permanently disabled, your medical care for the remainder of your life could easily exceed your disability insurance. Another way to ensure that you have the most protection possible is to carry an umbrella policy with additional uninsured motorist coverage. You can get an umbrella policy that would give you an additional $1,000,000 more coverage in the event of an accident.

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