In this post, we revisit the matter of reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), a medical condition that causes severe, chronic physical pain in its victims through nerve damage. Because RSD is currently a rare and as-of-yet poorly understood disease, those afflicted with it can feel hopeless at the lack of a variety of treatments available for it. However, one very common method that pain physicians find useful in treating RSD to help manage the pain are injections of anesthesia into the nerves, called “sympathetic nerve blocks.”

Sympathetic nerve blocks are “believed by many pain physicians to be an effective method for controlling chronic pain,” despite the lack f a great deal of medical evidence supporting this belief, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.
The blocks are created by injecting the area where the sympathetic nerves come together outside the spine area, called “ganglions,” with anesthetic solution. Depending on the area creating the most pain, patients may receive an injection in the stellate ganglion in the neck area, which affects the upper portion of the body and includes the arm and the hand, or in the lower spine, which affects the lower portion of the body.
Sympathetic nerve blocks are not only used to aid those with RSD/CRPS, but also for a variety of other conditions involving chronic pain, such as frostbite, and for excessive sweating, as the nerve centers also control how much we sweat.
Johns Hopkins Medicine calls the nerve block a “relatively safe procedure” that only entails a day of rest after the procedure, consisting possibly of temporary soreness, a sense of warmth, or some weakness. Additionally, the American Society for Surgery of the Hand has noted that therapy does not consist of the injection by itself–rather, “[b]y relieving pain, blocks can enable more effective therapy.”
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