TIME Magazine recently published an article, written by Alexandra Sifferlin, detailing how concussions can affect girls differently than boys. Traumatic brain injuries, which occur when one sustains a violent blow to the head or body that causes damage to the brain, affect approximately 2.5 million people every year. Over half of these people are boys, but when girls sustain traumatic brain injuries, they are affected in a different way.

Citing a study published in PLOS ONE, Sifferlin observes that of the 9,288 students from middle to high school age who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, the affected girls are more likely than their male counterparts to have “contemplated suicide, experienced psychological distress, been the target of bullying[,] and . . . smoked cigarettes.” Thus, girls appear to be more psychologically affected by their traumatic brain injuries than boys.
On the other hand, boys appear to have experienced loss of consciousness or hospitalization resulting from their traumatic brain injuries six percent more than girls did. And overall, “these young people who had experienced a lifetime TBI also reported behaviors in the last year like daily smoking, binge drinking, using marijuana, cyberbullying and poor grades.”
So what is the cause between these differences? Researchers are not yet certain. Because the results were self-reported, Sifferlin writes, researchers have difficulty determining the causation or providing an explanation. However, they believe hormonal differences, treatment differences, or differences in cognitive abilities could be at work.
Sifferlin also names another source unrelated to the study, Dr. Geoffrey Manley, vice chairman of neurological surgery at the University of California, San Francisco, who notes that, given that researchers rely on concussion patients to self-report their symptoms, females tend to be more honest about such symptoms than males.
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