The Trial Lawyer’s College

The Trial Lawyers’ College was founded by famed Wyoming Trial Lawyer Gerry Spence and Former Wyoming State Supreme Court Justice Bob Rose. The dream these lawyers had was to have a place where lawyers who try cases before juries could rediscover their desire to make a difference in people’s lives. The Trial Lawyer’s College has attracted thousands of lawyers/students and has sought to teach them how not only trial skills, but to better understand their client’s story, their own story, and how to better fight for justice for their client.

The teaching staff at the Trial Lawyers’ College include elite attorneys in the areas of Civil Rights, Criminal Defense and Injury cases from all over the United States. The staff, once selected, donate their time teaching at the college free of charge in the hope that by keeping lawyers empowered to represent regular people, they are helping make room for more justice in the world.

The College accepts only “lawyers for people”: lawyers who practice in the area of Civil Rights, Discrimination, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense and Consumer’s Rights. Lawyers who work for or represent the Government, Prosecutors, Insurance Companies and Corporations are not allowed to attend. The college conducts a three – week “College” in July, another in October, several one week “graduate” programs and ten four-day seminars around the country, A Death Penalty college is provided for lawyers who are attempting to save clients from the death penalty. A Judge’s College seeks to educate Judges about the unfairness of the justice system when regular people are pitted against Insurance Companies, The Government or large Corporations.

Nelson Tyrone first attended the Trial Lawyers’ College as a student in 2000. In 2001 he was invited to be a member of the teaching staff at the College. Since 2001 he has donated his time to teach roughly 30 days a year at the college. He has now been named one of the senior faculty and is involved in training new faculty trial skills, and the teaching methods of the Trial Lawyer’s College.

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