RSD, more commonly known as CRPS or causalgia, is a condition that is poorly understood by patients and their families as well as healthcare professionals. Our knowledge of the disease is incomplete and ever-evolving.
The RSD Syndrome Association was founded in 1984, and is one of two national CRPS organizations in the United States. It’s primary mission is to promote awareness of CRPS and to provide support and education for those afflicted with the disease as well as family, friends, and insurance and healthcare providers.
Another primary function of RSDSA is to raise funds for research into the causes and cure for CRPS. They are currently funding 3 major research projects. For information on making a donation to their research fund, click here.
RSDSA currently has approximately 6,500 members, and has funded $1,684,684.00 in fellowships and grants since 1992.
Some helpful publications that they have created are:

There are also many other publications accessible from their site. You will find multiple brochures and books dealing with CRPS.
Under the PATIENT heading, click on Awareness to see current events and other news on RSD/CRPS.

Stories of Hope gives inspiration as you read about others living with RSD and how they cope with the daily challenges of the disease.
For more information on how to manage your RSD/CRPS, check out their YouTube video: Yes You Can – Become Your Own Advocate. This link can be found under the Awareness section of their website.
You can also join their following on Facebook and Twitter.
If you have been diagnosed with RSD/CRPS as the result of a traumatic injury or accident and feel that you may need an attorney, contact us at the Tyrone Law Firm and talk to us about your specific situation. Our number is 404-377-0017. We will sit down with you free of charge and discuss what we can do for you.
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