Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD, CRPS Type 1), a condition that creates severe, chronic physical pain in its victims. There is no known cure for RSD, and its exact causes are yet unknown, although they are being closely examined by the medical community. RSD is a very rare disease; in fact, it is so rare that it does not have much occasion to appear in the news. However, some uplifting stories about RSD have been circulating through the news lately, and sufferers of RSD and their loved ones may take heart in the notion that, while no cure exists at the moment, communities appear to be actively taking steps to raise money and awareness for a cure, all while the medical community is slowly but surely making advances towards making the condition more manageable.

5K to Raise Funds for RSD– Two women suffering from RSD in Charlotte, North Carolina have coordinated a 5K to raise awareness and money for the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association (RSDSA). Both women were diagnosed with the condition after suffering initial physical injuries and have lived with RSD for over a decade. They noted the difficulty of trying to live normally with RSD and not show the pain they are experiencing in public. The 5K, called “Fight the Flame 5K,” is in its second year, and has gathered support from both North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory as well as local state institutions, such as the Duke Power Building, which was lit orange in honor of Fight the Flame. The first run, held last year, raised almost $18,000, and this year, through sponsors alone, the 5K has raised $12,000 with participants all around the nation. The 5K is to be held on November 2 in Charlotte.
Teen Organizes Walk to Bring Attention to RSD – A young girl in Lockport, New York was diagnosed with RSD three years ago after breaking her ankle. Inspired by the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association’s walk, the high school junior decided to start her own local walk, called the “Power Through RSD Walk.” The goal, she says, is to raise “money but mostly awareness” about the condition. Local businesses and residents have donated money as well as food and clothing for the event. Proceeds from the walk will be donated to the RSDSA and the Children’s Institute.
First Hospital to Implant Latest Spinal Cord Stimulator for Pain Relief – The Albany Medical Center, located in Albany, New York, recently implanted the latest device in spinal cord stimulator technology, making it the first of its kind to be installed in the nation. Spinal cord stimulators, discussed briefly in one of our prior posts about RSD, consist of a thin wire that is surgically installed along the spinal cord. Controlled by a remote, it emits electrical pulses to interrupt pain signals delivered to the brain from the spinal nerve. The latest model, called the CoverEdge system, is more accurate in administering pain relief. The technique has been developed with the aim of giving patients with chronic pain a better quality of life.
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