At the Tyrone Law Firm, our success in the courtroom on behalf of our clients has led to other lawyers and lawyer groups asking for our expertise. Nelson Tyrone has been published in legal publications and journals and has been asked to speak to lawyers at Continuing Education seminars throughout Georgia on the topics of trial preparation and presentation. Nelson is also on the faculty of the premier trial skills college for lawyers in the United States – the Trial Lawyer’s College. Since 2001 Nelson has taught at the College near Jackson Hole, Wyoming and has taught seminars across the United States on trial preparation and presentation. Currently Nelson is invited to teach trial skills seminars approximately thirty (30) days each year.

Many lawsuits settle before trial. However we find that many cases must be tried before a jury in order to obtain the maximum recovery for the client. The Tyrone Law Firm is recognized as a leader in the legal community in obtaining success for clients at trial.

At the Tyrone Law Firm our job is to obtain the largest recovery possible for you and for your loved ones. Sometimes our opponents would rather settle with us than face trial before a jury. Often we find that a jury will provide a larger recovery for our clients than any settlement could. Either way, the only way to maximize the recovery for a client is to put the Defendant in reasonable fear of losing before a jury. We have a track record of doing just this.

To make the community safer we are willing to fight. If you and your family have been harmed by another’s carelessness, contact us to fight for you.


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