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According to Dr. Travis Stark, E.R. physician, avoid sugar and processed foods. RSD is an inflammatory condition and so when you are eating highly processed, high sugar foods, you are putting yourself at risk for a whole body inflammatory reaction.
You also have to be very careful with things like caffeine, which can stimulate your sympathetic nervous system. So stick to decaf.
Dr. Joshua Prager, an RSD specialist, says “In some cases we have seen non-healing wounds, where the wound leaks and will not heal. This is something where hyperbaric oxygen can be extremely helpful in treating the wound, as well as helping with the RSD.
Also Dr. Prager says, “unless you have a whole team working together, and that includes physical therapy, psychology, relaxation therapy, an interventionalist to help the pain, etc… if all these people are not working together at the same time, you are pretty much doomed to failure. ”
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