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For Kathy, RSD is much more than a painful diagnosis – it’s her life. She says her life has completely changed since she was diagnosed with RSD. She wakes up at 4:30 a.m. “At that time the pain level is about a 4 – not too bad,” she says.
She works out every morning, even though she has been on crutches for about 8 years now.
“It used to take me an hour and 15 minutes to get ready,” she says “where now it takes 3 hours”. Four days out of the week I’m either doing pain management or physical therapy. I go to the surgery center and get sympathetic nerve blocks in the lower part of my back. This is where they actually go into the nerves and shut the nerves down.
“The pain in my foot will wake me up out of a deep sleep,” she says.
Her husband Ken is very supportive and has learned over the years how to read the signs of her pain, whether through breathing or facial expressions. “It’s so important to have someone that understands and supports you,” Kathy says.

Ken says, “What I admire about Kathy is her fight. She doesn’t quit. She stays strong and she stays positive.”
“I don’t like the poor me syndrome,” Kathy says. “My doctor has asked me to talk to other RSD patients, to get them out of that path of just staying in bed all day. I don’t let it control me. I have a lot better days now than bad days.”
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Check back next week to read Part 4 for information on “Ways to Lessen RSD Symptoms.”

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