Our Promise To You

We believe that lawyers can make a difference. We have chosen an area of the law where we believe we can make a difference. Our clients have horrible injuries and a desperate need for someone to stand up for them. The promise we make to our clients is to do just that.

We promise:

  1. To limit our practice to a few clients – so that each one knows they are a priority.
  2. To spare no expense in building your case.
  3. To work tirelessly to discover your story – and tell it to the jury.
  4. To keep you informed in every step of your case.
  5. To return your phone calls the same day.
  6. To involve the top experts in the world as part of our team.
  7. To partner with other lawyers and firms when their expertise is needed.
  8. To use every tool available to be successful for you.
  9. To stand between you and the forces that want to beat you in your case.
  10. To never forget that as much as we want to win the case – it is not a case. It is your life.

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