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topga09At the Tyrone Law Firm we are proud of the press and recognition we have received for our work. Frankly, the press means nothing by itself. But where it means that our efforts to protect clients and their families has received recognition, so be it. On occasion we have had to stand firm before judges who are acting unfairly. Sometimes we are protecting clients that other lawyers refused to protect. Often we are in the role of “David” fighting a much larger and more powerful corporate “Goliath”. To protect our clients and to protect their families we are willing to fight. To make the community safer we are willing to fight. If you and your family have been harmed by another’s carelessness, contact us to fight for you.


bd1321. Staff.  Brain Damage Leads to 13.9M.” Fulton County Daily Report, Feb. 1, 2013.

20. Tyrone, Nelson. How I Obtained Justice for My Client:  Nathan Polite v. Double View Ventures & Westdale Mgmt., LLC.”
Verdict: The Journal of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association. Winter 2013, pp 8-13.

19. Nelson Tyrone Selected to Super Lawyers 2012.
December, 2012

18. Tyrone, Nelson.RSD is Real: How to Help the Adjuster, Judge & Jury Understand.”
CaseMetrix Legal Database, November, 2012.

deklab5 17. Staff.  5.25M Verdict in DeKalb Shooting.
Fulton County Daily Report. September 24, 2012.


bowbliss-blood_test_worth_5_4_million_thumbnail 16. Staff. Blood Test Error is Worth $5.4M, Jury Says.”
Fulton County Daily Report. May 2, 2012.

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nance-woman_awarded_1_2m_in_burn_case_thumbnail 13. Smith, Ben. “Woman Awarded $1.2 M in Burn Case.
Fulton County Daily Report. 27 December, 2010, pp. 1, 4.

12. Staff. “Members in Motion: A Legal Lifeline for Former Addicts.
Trial: American Association for Justice. July 2010, p. 46.

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Fulton County Daily Report. 16 November, 2009.

10. Green, Josh. “Family Gets $5.8M for DUI Fatality.
Gwinnett Daily Post.com 24 October,2009.

camacho-woman_s_estate_wins_5_2m_from_fatal_dui_wreck_thumbnail 9. Land, Greg. “Woman’s Estate Wins $5.8M From Fatal DUI Wreck.
Fulton County Daily Report. 2 October, 2009, pp. 1, 5.

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Fulton County Daily Report. 9 May 2006.

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Fulton County Daily Report. 3 April 2006, pp. 1, 7.

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Atlanta Business Chronicle. 31 May, 2007.

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Fulton County Daily Report. 26 February, 2002.

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1. Eustis, Richmond. “Lawyer Wins Round in AJC Libel Case.
Fulton County Daily Report. 28 February 2001, pp. 1, 5.

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