Here at the Tyrone Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping families of children with special needs, like cerebral palsy. In fact, we have members of our team who have navigated the system on their own and are available to help at any time. We hope these posts bring new resources to you and your family.

Children with special needs, like cerebral palsy, require different therapies. Occupational therapy (OT), is very common for these children. OT focuses on the functions needed for day-to-day living, in the home , in public and at school.  “The goal of occupational therapy is to promote a child’s ability to perform daily rituals and activities in a way that will enhance their quality of life and make possible the enjoyment of independent living.” Occupational therapists will help with strength, coordination, tasks and more.

Occupational therapists are licensed and fully trained professionals. OT may occur at home, school, workplace, or any place children are comfortable, however, they must assess the child in their home environment, to understand how they function with their disability. Outside factors and the home life may contribute to a child’s ability to thrive with OT. Therapists must understand the relationship between child’s  physical condition, cognitive functioning, and psychological condition.

Occupational therapists work on different goals, based upon their evaluation of a child. In the home, they may work on brushing teeth, eating, dressing, bathing, housework, and any other functions they may need to improve self-help. For school, they may work on opening doors, writing, sitting independently, overcoming physical obstacles and other skills to help them function in the environment with less limitations. The sky is the limit on the things OT can work on for children.

To find out more about occupational therapy for children with special needs, you can visit on the web. If we can be of any help to you or someone you know, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Tyrone Law Firm.




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