Nelson_TLC_IMAGEIn a recent interview for the upcoming Regional 2016 Georgia Seminar on Closing Arguments, Nelson Tyrone of Tyrone Law Firm, speaks about his education and training with The Trial Lawyers College (TLC). Mr. Tyrone, attended school at TLC in 2000 and continued to become a staff member in 2001.  He is the sole practitioner at Tyrone Law Firm in Atlanta. Mr. Tyrone enjoys teaching at TLC and finds it “incredibly rewarding.” TLC has been more than education for Mr. Tyrone, he uses the skills he has learned, not only in the court room, but in personal life as well.

When asked if his practice has changed since attending TLC, Mr. Tyrone said, “Everything about my practice has changed since then.” He interacts differently with clients now. Mr. Tyrone prepares clients for their case and uses his training from TLC to put stories of cases together, providing him with a different approach than others. Mr. Tyrone stated, “I was leading with my heart before, which TLC teaches also,” but TLC strategies taught him to do so more effectively, which lets him speak clearly to jurors.

Mr. Tyrone wrote that “What we teach at TLC for a Closing Argument is just not taught anywhere else.” A closing argument comes after all evidence, facts and witnesses have been put forth. “This is where you have the final chance to speak to your juries from the heart,” and “where we have the opportunity to really speak with our juries, not just “to” them” Mr. Tyrone said. Reaching the jurors is critical during trial and in the closing argument, this is the lawyers chance to remind the jurors why they are there and what they must decide. Mr. Tyrone uses this as an opportunity to “remind them of what they can accomplish, and hopefully point them down that path where their verdict is going to make a difference,” he said.

Mr. Tyrone feels that the Georgia Regional, Closing Argument Seminar “is really the perfect place to start,” with TLC. This seminar will give students the chance to learn and practice the TLC method, by breaking up in to small, helpful groups. ” As trial lawyers, we get to do a little piece of our case in Direct Exam, a little bit less during Cross Exam, a little bit of laying it all out as an introduction during our Opening Statement, …but during the Closing Argument — you get to do it all and it’s great,” says Mr. Tyrone. The Law gives fewer restrictions for Closing Arguments, which leaves more room for creativity and gives Lawyers the chance to really pull it all together. Since his training at TLC, Mr. Tyrone says that he doesn’t think he has had anyone “effectively stop” his closing arguments.

Given the chance to say one thing to an attorney considering TLS, Mr. Tyrone would tell them that “It will change your life.” The methods at TLC can change a person even a little and still have a great impact on their practice, “and for me that was incredibly helpful and valuable — as a person, a husband, a dad, and a trial lawyer, states Mr. Tyrone.

If you would like to know more about The Learning College and the upcoming Regional 2016 Georgia Seminar at Chateau Elan, February 25-28th, please feel free to contact us at the Tyrone Law Firm. If our firm can every help you or anyone you know, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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