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The Nelson Tyrone law firm handles medical malpractice claims. These claims are not always valid with every medical injury and they do not always provide a substantial basis for a medical malpractice law claim.

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider (a doctor, nurse, or any other kind of medical personnel) fails to adhere to the accepted standard of care. To successfully prove your case, your Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer should be able to demonstrate that the healthcare provider was negligent, and that the error resulted in an injury or death.

Additionally, your attorney should show that the defendant (usually your doctor or nurse) breached their duty to provide patients with a proper level of care. Your lawyer should also prove that you have suffered damages as direct result of this breach, such as physical pain and suffering, medical bills, and loss of wages.

Through this lawsuit, you may be entitled to financial compensation for the damages incurred. Furthermore, you may also receive an amount for the cost of future medical bills related to the injury.

To establish these costs, our Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers will coordinate with medical and economic professionals to determine and illustrate the kind of healthcare required for living with the injury, as well as expenses of ongoing medical treatment.

You may also be awarded for non-economic losses (referring to losses other than lost wages and rehabilitation and medical bills). Our attorneys will determine the economic value of less concrete damages, such as physical and emotional suffering and inability to fully enjoy life, and seek compensation for these losses.

To know how we may be able to help with your medical malpractice claim, contact our medical malpractice lawyer in Atlanta and let your story be heard.

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