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Studies show that brain injuries at birth are a leading cause of permanent disabilities in babies. Often times, parents are not aware of the trauma that their unborn baby is going through during delivery. An unborn baby may have brain damage for a few reasons; a prolonged labor (where the baby is in the birth canal too long), a difficult labor (causing the baby to go without oxygen), a forcep delivery, or blunt force trauma to he infant’s head.

Although parents may not know their new baby has suffered brain damage, there are signs that may give them an idea that something went wrong. Their baby’s head may appear larger due to swelling and or fluid on the brain. Some babies have feeding issues or problems with sleeping while laying down. Some medical symptoms may include seizures, neck stiffness, and difficulty focusing.


If there is suspicion of brain damage at birth, babies will undergo testing that will allow doctors to better assess the situation. CT scans and MRI’s usually reveal the damage and the extent of it. There is no way to reverse the impact that brain damage has on a baby. Doctors may use therapeutic cooling in an attempt to reduce the results of brain damage, such as cerebral palsy.

Sometimes, babies appear fine at birth and symptoms appear later in life. Babies may begin to miss their milestones or reach them later than expected. Cerebral palsy is a common diagnosis for a toddler that sustained an injury at birth. Toddlers who had seizures at birth may have a diagnosis of epilepsy, depending on how many seizures they have had.

If a parent suspects their baby has brain damage due to a birth injury, it is important  that they get help as soon as possible. To find out more about the signs and symptoms of brain damage from birth, you can go to:  on the web or contact us here, at the Tyrone Law Firm. If our firm can ever assist you or someone you know, please do not hesitate to give us a call.


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