I am constantly on the lookout for resources for our clients with RSD/CRPS. Here is an organization that may be helpful for folks suffering from this horrible disorder:
The International Research Foundation for RSD/CRPS is a non-profit organization located in Tampa, Florida whose goal is education and research on RSD/CRPS. The Executive Director of the Foundation is Mary Davis. Their mission is to help educate the medical profession on RSD/CRPS and to establish an international research network as well as provide support for RSD research worldwide.
Located on the grounds of the International Research Foundation’s campus is the RSD Treatment Center and Research Institute. Founded in February of 2008, the Center is the world’s first institute of its kind, dedicated exclusively to RSD/CRPS. The Institute provides specialized treatment to children with RSD that is available nowhere else in the United States. Director of the RSD Treatment Center and Research Institute is Dr. Anthony Kirkpatrick, M.D. Dr. Kirkpatrick devotes much of his time and energy to educating physicians worldwide on causes and treatment of RSD/CRPS.
On their site are recent articles geared towards the medical community discussing available treatments for RSD, including the Ketamine Coma procedure, not available in the United States but currently performed in Germany. This procedure is only performed on patients who get no relief from the standard methods of treatment for RSD.
Under the Patient Info tab are several interesting educational videos, as well as detailed information on some of the common medications used for pain relief. One particularly moving video is entitled Emotional Consequences of RSD, detailing how 4 young peoples’ lives have been affected by the condition. Located at the bottom of the page is a link to a story by CNN’s Paula Zahn on the Ketamine Coma procedure as performed on a 14 year old girl.

Click here for information on how to make a donation.
The Tyrone Law Firm is a firm that understands the effects of RSD/CRPS, and we specialize in representing those who may be afflicted as a result of a traumatic injury. If you have had such an injury, you may be entitled to compensatory damages.
Nelson Tyrone handles Brain Injury, Spine Injury and RSD/CRPS cases throughout the United States. He involves only the top medical, rehabilitation and life-care plan experts in the field. His results on behalf of clients include several of the largest settlements and verdicts on record.
If you think you may be suffering from RSD/CRPS as the result of an injury or accident, contact us at the Tyrone Law Firm and talk to us about your specific situation. Our number is 404-377-0017. We will sit down with you free of charge and discuss what we can do for you. If we can’t help you, we will do our utmost to put you into the hands of lawyers who can.

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