In 2009, more than 4,000 pedestrians died in motor vehicle accidents. Georgia is a great place to be a pedestrian- the weather is beautiful and you can often walk to the corner store, the playground or to school; but it is very important to be aware of the vehicles around you. Especially in Atlanta cars, buses and trucks are not expecting to encounter pedestrians in their daily travels around town, and often are not aware of the well-marked crosswalks in their own communities.
When walking in your neighborhood, make sure you ALWAYS use a crosswalk, even if it means walking a few extra blocks out of your way. If you are injured by a vehicle while crossing mid-street or not within a crosswalk, the accident and injuries could be your fault! Also, it is important to always cross with the light, and look for drivers turning right on red who may not be looking for you. Make eye contact with the driver before stepping out into the crosswalk, even when you have the light or the right-of-way.
To test your neighborhood for it’s “walkability”, take a walk and make note of the following things:
– Are the crosswalks well-marked, and can you see and be seen by drivers in both directions of traffic?
– Can you walk on a sidewalk facing on-coming traffic?
– Do parked cars block your view of traffic at intersections?
– Do Drivers look for pedestrians in the crosswalk before turning right on red?
– Do the traffic signals give you plenty of time to get across the intersection?
– How fast is the traffic moving on the streets where you want to walk?
Remember to be hyper-aware while you are a pedestrian in Atlanta’s communities. Use headphones for music only with extreme caution and at very low volume levels. Never talk on the phone or text while crossing a street, and hold your children’s hands tightly at all times.
It is healthy, fun and terribly convenient to be able to walk places in your neighborhood. With a cautious attitude and a heightened awareness of your surroundings, you can make it a safe trip too.

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