We have discussed before that traumatic brain injuries, which occur when one sustains physical damage to his or her brain, can sometimes produce less-than-common and even bizarre results, such as olfactory hallucinations. Recently, VICE reported on their food-centric blog, Munchies, that “some highly unfortunate neurological wiring” can also cause a “rabid craving for cheese.”

VICE followed the story of Kai Thomas, a 15-year-old student from the United Kingdom who was left comatose for nine days after suffering from a sudden brain bleed last year. Upon waking, Kai was unable to walk or talk, but as he regained those skills, he also manifested new traits that he did not have before. For one, he constantly cursed, and for another, he developed an inexplicable, newfound love for cheese.
Kai’s mother relays a story of finding Kai eating an entire block of cheese one day, and ever since, the dairy product has become a staple of the 15-year-old’s diet. “Kai even puts it on his cereal,” VICE reports.
Kai’s doctors were able to attribute changes in mood and behavior to his brain injury–a typical symptom of traumatic brain injuries–but the desire for cheese was inexplicable even to them. But, as VICE notes, “there have been far, far worse cases” of strange effects of the brain, such as “alien hand syndrome,” in which a person finds that one of his hands will perform certain actions without his willing it to do so.
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