In the United States, about 29 out of 1,000 babies suffer some kind of birth trauma. A majority of the cases happened due to the improper use of birthing instruments.

There’s no denying that birthing instruments are beneficial, as these have been used for difficult and complex deliveries for many decades. But the number of birth injury cases due to birthing instruments, particularly forceps, is a real problem.

The sad truth is that even though statistics already show that forceps-induced birth injuries use is a real cause for concern, many medical practitioners continue to use them.

A pair of forceps is a birth-assisting instrument that closely resemble salad tongs. During contractions, its open end is typically placed on either side of an infant’s head to guide it out of the birth canal.

When using the instrument, standards of care should be properly followed. If not, the damage may be extensive, or worse, permanent.

The mother, in particular, may experience severe tears to the vagina, which may require surgery to correct. This may also cause problems with urination and bowel movement, as well as perineum pain, bladder injuries, urethral injuries, and anemia.

The baby may also develop facial injuries and facial palsy, bruising and swelling on the head, as well as skull fractures. Seizures, brain damage, and drooping facial muscles may also occur.

When Do You Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

If your newborn has been particularly injured due to forceps delivery, the delivering doctor or midwife may be held liable.

You can sue for medical malpractice when a doctor, physician, or midwifedoes not follow the medical standard of care. Remember that while a doctor or physician’s negligence may be grounds for a malpractice case, unless their actionslead to a serious injury, you probably don’t have a solid—or even valid—birth injury claim.

If you believe that the injury may have been the product of medical malpractice, it is important to call on an attorney experienced in dealing with birth injury claims. Remember that this is a very difficult type of case to prove, and you need an attorney to make sure you receive the compensation you’re rightfully entitled to.

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