Although cerebral palsy, a condition stemming from injuries that occur to a child’s brain while in the womb or at birth, undoubtedly alters the lifestyles of children who have it, it does not entail a poor quality of life. Many aids exist to help those with cerebral palsy live healthy, happy lives, and this extends well outside of childhood.
A recent study released by Allan Colver, professor of community child health at Newcastle University in England, shows that adolescents afflicted with cerebral palsy have a similar quality of life to those who are the same age and do not suffer from the disorder, according to The study consisted of a questionnaire that was given to over 400 adolescents between the ages of thirteen and seventeen with cerebral palsy, asking about areas such as physical well-being and relationships with friends. The same questionnaires were also given to children without cerebral palsy.

The results? Teens with cerebral palsy appear to have a higher quality of life than those without in certain subject areas, such as autonomy, relationships with parents, and school life. Aside from finding social support from friends, teens with cerebral palsy appear not to struggle more than teens without the disorder in any other areas.
Moreover, reports that “a quick scan of national headlines” show that young adults with cerebral palsy are doing remarkable things, from earning black belts, to starting for their high school football teams, to participating in national beauty pageants. This can be widely attributed to technological advances that have aided significantly in increasing mobility, which is significant for those with cerebral palsy, since the condition tends to affect the muscles, posture, and gait, all things that contribute to mobility.
Indeed, a young man in Atlanta with cerebral palsy will be competing this year in the Ironman competition in Florida, a grueling 140.6-mile race, with the help of his brother. They will be the first assisted brothers to participate in the Ironman, and according to WSB Atlanta, they have trained for over ten months to reach this point.
Thus, while mobility, autonomy, and accessibility are challenges that those with cerebral palsy continue to face, technology is advancing every day to ensure that they live as unimpeded by the disorder as possible. With the recent study from Newcastle University, it appears that this goal is becoming a reality.
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