When a child has cerebral palsy, some of his needs may not be met by the average home. Often, home modifications must be made to accommodate children with cerebral palsy so that they may live safely and comfortably. According to the website for United Cerebral Palsy, these adjustments can include a wide variety of changes, “from something as simple as replacing cabinet doorknobs with pull handles to full-scale construction projects that require installing wheelchair ramps and widening doorways.” These projects can also prove difficult, costly, or both; as such, this post provides links to some resources that families seeking to modify their homes for children with cerebral palsy may find useful.

United Cerebral Palsy: Home Modification

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) lists some great resources both for general home modification advice as well as financial support. For instance, UCP’s website links to several different programs that aim to offer help to families in need of home modification, such as the Easter Seals Easy Access Housing for Easier Living Program, which provides educational brochures and an advisory panel to produce tips on making the home more accessible. It also links to the Home Wheelchair Ramp Project, which provides information on building a DIY wheelchair ramp “for the do-it-yourself types.” Furthermore, “My Child Without Limits,” an offshoot of the UCP’s main website, provides a very handy list of home modification guidelines that make a home reasonably accessible “without extensive modification.” These guidelines may also be useful in shopping for a new home in consideration of a family member with CP.
Friendship Circle: 10 Must Have Products for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy

Friendship Circle has published a convenient and concise list of some necessities for those with cerebral palsy. While the list does not completely involve home modifications, through the numbered items, it gives some insight into the modifications necessary to accommodate these necessities. For instance, the list includes wheelchairs, which may necessitate ramps), and bath chairs, which may entail a larger bath. Additionally, the list does include some major modifications to consider, such as stair glides or elevators and mechanical lifts, and also calls to light the necessity for adapted vehicles.
Home Modification Solutions

Home Modification Solutions provides accessibility modifications by providing and installing many necessary changes to homes to accommodate any physical limitations. Its services can range from ramps, to grab bars, to automatic features in the house, to voice control. Home Modification Solutions appears to deal largely with issues entering and leaving the home, accessing staircases and bathrooms, and getting around the kitchen. It also provide a list of medical conditions, including cerebral palsy, that may necessitate home modifications.
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