Here at Tyrone Law Firm we do everything we can to help families who have children with special needs.  In fact we have dedicated members of our staff who have had to navigate a path for their own children. If you are a parent with a child with Cerebral Palsy or hypoxic brain injury, we hope these posts will bring you new resources for you, your child, and your family:

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a United States government program that provides regular payments to low-income people who are either aged (65 or older), blind, or disabled. SSI is funded by general tax revenues. This is provided to help meet general needs, such as food, shelter and clothing. Children can qualify for SSI, if they and their parents meet certain criteria.

A minor must meet the definition of “disabled” by Social Security and must be under a certain income. The child can be physically disabled, mentally disabled or a combination of both.  The income of all members in the home is used to calculate the income of the child and will be used to determine if they qualify. The amount of SSI a child may be eligible for varies from state to state. These rules apply weather the child is living at home or at school, visiting from time to time and is under parental control.

To be considered for SSI, your child must not be working and earning more than the allowable income (your local Social Security Office can tell you this amount). Your child must have a mental condition, physical condition or a combination of both that marks them as disabled. This condition must be serious enough to limit their daily activities. Your child’s condition must be disabling for 12 months or longer, or be expected to result in death.

You will need to fill out a SSI application to be turned in at your local Social Security Office. When you apply for SSI, you will be asked for specific information about your child’s medical condition and how it limits their daily life. You will also be asked to give permission for your child’s teachers, doctors, therapists and other professionals to release information that may help your child qualify. Medical and school records can be extremely helpful in this process. All of this information will be given to the Disability Determination Services to determine qualification. If your child meets certain criteria, such as cerebral palsy, they may qualify for immediate payments.

Disability reviews occur about every 3 years for children whose conditions are expected to improve and sometimes, children whose conditions aren’t expected to improve will be reviewed. When reviewed, you will need to bring the same information with you as when you applied. If your child qualifies for SSI, they will also qualify for SSI Medicaid.

If you would like to know more about Supplemental Security Income, or other resources for your family you can find SSI on the web at  If Tyrone Law Firm can be of any assistance to you or anyone you know, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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