Living with cerebral palsy can be debilitating and can make certain every day activities more difficult to perform. However, many who are affected with cerebral palsy lead quite normal, and sometimes extraordinary, lives. One particularly inspiring example is Kyle Pease, an Atlanta, Georgia native who was diagnosed at an early age with cerebral palsy, according to the website for the Kyle Pease Foundation. “Though Kyle transports himself in a wheelchair,” the website says, “his participation in school, work, and leisure activities has never suffered.”

With the help of his brother, Brent, Kyle created the Kyle Pease Foundation, which “promotes success for young persons with disabilities by providing assistance to meet their individual needs through sports and competition. Programs include scholarship opportunities, purchasing adaptive sports equipment, and participating in educational campaigns around cerebral palsy.” The foundation was created with the goal of raising awareness and funding to help those with disabilities succeed in life.

By all accounts, it appears Kyle has made the most of life not only through the foundation, but also through his personal successes. According to the foundation’s website, Kyle attended Kennesaw State University and majored in sports management, where he consistently achieved a B average while simultaneously staying physically active, being involved in a fraternity and Kennesaw’s disabled student organization, and helping to design disabled athlete-friendly sports facilities, among many other activities.

Moreover, Kyle stays physically active by playing adaptive sports such as soccer and baseball. His brother, Brent, has completed many triathlons with Kyle as well, and the two “have always shared a special bond and have constantly looked for ways to include everyone in all the fun there is to have.”

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