Last week, we talked about high risk pregnancies and perinatologists, who have specialized and received additionally training in high risk pregnancies. In that post, we defined pregnancies to be “high risk” when they consisted one or more of several factors including maternal health issues, problems with past pregnancies, and a history of pregnancy loss. We also explained a little bit about perinatologists and their training. Today, we discuss what exactly they do and the relationship between an OB/GYN and the perinatologist.

What Do Perinatologists Do?

According to Memorial Health, perinatologists specialize in both diagnosing and treating women who have complicated pregnancies. They “perform complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures during pregnancy that can involve the fetus and/or mother.” Additionally, according to Dr. David A. Nagey at, perinatologists provide a wide variety of services, including “performing imaging and prenatal diagnosis to consultation concerning vexing or unusual medical or obstetric problems.”

Dr. Nagey explains that perinatologists are consulted whenever the expectant mother’s obstetrician would like a second opinion, or the patient would like to speak with a professional who has experience in handling unusual obstetric situations.

Johns Hopkins Medicine also lists some specific tasks of a perinatologist, which can include alpha fetoprotein (AFP) blood tests. According to WebMD, AFP blood tests measure the level of AFP in the blood of a pregnant woman; AFP is a “substance made in the liver of the unborn baby,” and seeing how much AFP is in the mother’s blood can help detect problems such as spina bifida and anencephaly in the baby. Perinatologists also can determine “the need for invasive fetal testing procedure(s) or other in utero therapeutic techniques.”

The Relationship Between Perinatologists and OB/GYNs

According to Dr. Nagey, after consulting with a perinatologist initially, the expectant mother will “almost always” continue her care with her initial OB/GYN, unless her condition requires her to undergo neonatal surgery soon after the delivery. In those instances, the OB/GYN and the perinatologist will co-manage the patient’s case.

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