Communicating via texting has become a way of life for most of us. We text our office, our family, our friends, and the information being shared ranges from the merely comedic to the vitally important in nature. If you have gotten used to texting, it is very hard to imagine going a few hours without it, much less a whole work day.
Unfortunately too little has been made of the dangers of texting while walking- especially on busy sidewalks and in crosswalks.
The humorous Casey Neistat movie in the New York Times online opinion pages this month is a wry attempt at a public service announcement for pedestrians:
All joking aside, it can be dangerous to text and walk at the same time.
Pedestrians should always make eye contact with drivers before stepping into a crosswalk, if you are texting and “have the light” you may not notice the driver turning right on red that is about to hit you. Atlanta’s sidewalks are often narrow, and often adjacent to some very fast-moving vehicular traffic. Because our traffic moves so quickly, and because it is in such close proximity to high volumes of fast moving cars and buses, it is imperative that as pedestrians we remain hyper-aware of our surroundings.
If you need to text while waking, make a phone call, or otherwise take a moment to check your phone- first step aside to a safe place. Stop moving, make sure you are not in anyone’s path, and then check your phone. This small ounce of caution may make a big difference one day- either to you personally or to others around you.

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