Birth Injury. It’s all we do.


What we do (With our lives. With our families. With our profession) says a lot about who we are.

We all have different ways of contributing – ways in which we apply our God-given talents to make a difference in this world.

We are birth injury lawyers.

Here’s why:

  • We have been lawyers long enough to know how we want to spend our time.
  • We have been successful enough in the law that we get to choose what kind of lawyers we want to be.
  • We have seen, with our own eyes, the impact that our work can have on our clients (families and kids) lives when we have represented them in Birth Injury claims.

But why do only birth injury? Because it needs to be done. And because it makes a difference – an incalculable difference in people’s lives.

I know the pain of losing a child. My wife Leslie and I lost a child during the late stages of her pregnancy. There were times when I wondered whether we would make it – not because I doubted my wife’s resilience, or our love, but because the weight of the loss was so overwhelming, so crushing, I didn’t know how we would get through it.

I have never personally experienced the challenge, the pain, and the unyielding courage it takes to raise a child with special needs from my client. That weight is not something families can “get through”. They live it. Every hour. Every day. And they need help. A lot of it. That is where our firm comes in.

We dedicate our lives as lawyers to doing this one thing: taking on the cause of families and kids who are victims of birth injury. We stand by them. We champion them. We fight for them.

Because they deserve it. If not us then who? If not now then when?

If you know a family who needs our help, please call on us.


Nelson Tyrone



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