Lately I’ve been spending some time searching the web for relevant information and resources for those with brain injury, as well as information to help family and friends learn how to cope. Lash Publishing is a site that is dedicated entirely to brain injury of any type, whether it be TBI in children, adults, veterans, etc.
Lash Publishing has been in business for over 16 years. When they first began, their vision was to be a comprehensive source of information for those dealing with any sort of brain injury, and they wanted to provide information that was different from the academic and medical publications available at the time. 16 years ago, most of the information that was available to the general public on brain injury was complicated information from medical journals and articles, written in scientific or academic jargon. In addition, there was hardly any information to be found regarding brain injury in children. Their goal was to provide such information in a manner that would be comprehensive and easy to read for the average person. They have grown every year since their inception, and they now offer separate catalogues for children and adults.
When they first began, one of the first things they published were called “tip cards”. These cards were pamphlets that presented information that was practical, quick, and easy to read. Their very first catalog had 4 of these tip cards, and today it has over 100.
Next they began developing various books and manuals that were larger and had more details. As the company grew, they outgrew their space and moved from New Hampshire to a larger facility in Wake Forest, North Carolina.
To get a feel for what their site is all about, check out their blog. They have information available on everything from “Taking the SATs with a Concussion” to information on a new workbook that focuses on coping skills for brain injury survivors as well as their friends and family. You can also sign up to receive their blog in a newsletter format by clicking here.

Also available is a separate free newsletter that has the latest TBI information and events, as well as information on any sale items from their website. Sign up here.
If you are interested in having a professional come and speak to your organization regarding brain injury, they also have a speakers bureau. Click on their Training tab to see more information.
Under their Store tab, you can request a free catalogue and free tip cards on TBI, as well as browse their many books and products for sale.
For how to order information from Lash Publishing, click here. You can order by phone, by fax, or by mail.
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