Once Mike and Dee had children, they realized they needed more life insurance to provide for their family in case something happened. So Mike scheduled a physical exam for himself with the insurance company. During the exam, Mike had his blood drawn. The tech punctured a nerve during the blood draw which triggered an irreversible, horribly painful nerve disorder called RSD/ CRPS. Mike, Dee and their children will never be the same family as a result of that exam.
The jury learned about Dee and Mike’s life from the moment they met, to his proposal, to their decision to have children, to the rules they decided on to raise their family. Having recently had my own child, I could speak to this on a personal level. The Defendant’s carelessness in the needle-stick hit everything they built – their marriage, their home, their family – like a tornado. In the end, Mike was taken away, and everyone else was left standing in the wreckage. The severe chronic pain condition, CRPS, that Mike has been left with is permanent and incurable.
The lawsuit was successful. A jury in the Fulton County State Court of Georgia found that Dee and her family’s Loss of Consortium claim was valid. The verdict for our client Dee was $2 million dollars. The highest offer to settle before the jury verdict during trial was $5,000.
Given what they put this family through, the verdict could have been twice what it was and it wouldn’t have been enough.

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