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Life Care Plans are budgets for your child's future medical needs from the age they are now through the rest of their life. The plans are put together by skilled experts, usually Nurses and Physicians who have spent their careers involved in caring for special needs kids. These plans can help establish both the anticipated medical, therapy, and residential needs your child will have throughout their life, given the level of their intellectual and physical challenges. We will retain experts in various fields to put together a Life Care Plan to help you and your legal team understand the level and cost of care your child will likely need throughout their life. The Life Care Plan will be a key tool in understanding the amount of money we will ask for from a jury - or from the insurance company at settlement conference or mediation during litigation.
It is very important that children with HIE receive intensive early intervention in order to minimize health issues and maximize function, but ongoing therapies are also very important. Physical therapy (PT) helps develop motor skills and continue to improve strength and develop flexibility. Occupational therapy (OT) focuses on helping learn and continue to develop daily tasks to maximize the child’s independence including fine motor skills, visual perception and cognitive abilities. Speech and language help the child develop the ability to form words and continue to learn, develop and process language. It can also be helpful with swallowing issues if necessary. Sensory therapy and massage therapy can also be part of long-term therapies for children as both work to assist and support the other learning developments.
Cutting edge therapies are constantly being developed to support HIE children and can include stem cell therapy (which has the potential to divide into different types of cells and can potentially help repair damage), as well as hyperbaric oxygen chambers, which is a treatment which supplies pure oxygen into the bloodstream while a patient is in a pressurized chamber. This helps to increase blood oxygen which can help restore tissue function and blood gas levels, help stimulate and release stem cells and growth factors.
Homes can be modified to be more wheelchair accessible, provide swimming pools for aqua therapy or create suites to help support children in their daily living as they mature into adulthood. In addition, adaptive and assistive technologies, such as voice command systems, feeding technologies, mobility aids and more can be accessed to support the independence and development of these children as well.
Wheelchair-accessible vans and other modified conversion vehicles can be quite costly. On average, these types of vehicles can cost anywhere from $5,000 on the low end to around $60,000 or more on the high end. Children with special needs should have access to safe transportation for numerous reasons, including, medical appointments, therapy, and school, in addition to simply getting from place to place for daily life. Assistance and funding to purchase wheelchair accessible van to easily help transport your child and their equipment may be a specific need. The van’s floor is typically lower and seats are modified to accommodate wheelchairs.
A special needs trusts may be opened in the name of an individual with disabilities by a family member or loved one. These trusts do not count as income or assets, so their existence will not impact the beneficiary’s eligibility for public assistance programs like Medicaid. The money placed in a SNT is under the control of a trustee who is in charge of spending this money in a way that helps the beneficiary. These funds can be used on things like personal care attendants, out-of-pocket medical expenses, and accessible home modifications, like those enumerated above.