We are trial lawyers

That is what we do best. With skills originally honed before criminal juries, and dedicated for the past six years to the seriously injured and to the families and estates of those killed, we won over $6 Million in jury verdicts in 2009 alone. We select only a small number of clients so that we can dedicate ourselves fully to preparing their cases for trial. We utilize the state of the art in trial presentation skills learned through working directly with Gerry Spence, David Ball, Rick Friedman and Don Keenan. We discover the client's story with help from the world's leading trial consultants. We hone our presentations before focus groups every month of the year. We fight for our clients - and win.

If you are a referring attorney, you win as well. We take on the heavy lifting. Your client has our undivided attention. And we involve you to the full benefit of the client.

Bringing Justice to Our Clients ... One Client at a Time

Our law firm is dedicated to representing only a few clients at a time. This is one of the hallmarks of our success. No law firm on the other side of our client’s case can outwork us, can be available to their client the way that we can, or can understand the case the way we do. That is what we offer our clients.

Our results speak for themselves.

Because we handle serious injury and wrongful death work, our clients are facing the most difficult challenges of their lives. They, or a loved one, have been horribly injured - or a loved one has been killed. For that reason, we limit our practice to a few clients at a time. That allows us to spend the hundreds of hours on each case that has led to our many successes. Our clients know they can reach us night or day, and that we will work tirelessly to bring them justice.

Our opponents know this as well.

They will never outwork us. They also know that if they do not appreciate the full extent of the injury they have - and if they do not settle our client's case for the full and fair value of the harm that has been done - they will face us in trial.

That is how we bring justice to our clients - one client at a time.

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Recent Results

$2 Million Dollar Loss of Consortium Jury Verdict. Dee Anna Bowbliss v. Quick-Med Inc, d/b/a Exam One, Quest Diagnostics. State Court of Fulton County 2012.

$575,000 Personal Injury verdict and six figure confidential settlement for attorney's fees. Debbie Burnett v. Clayton County. State Court of Clayton County 2012.

Cynthia Nance v. QuikTrip Corporation, In the State Court of Cobb County, State of Georgia: $1,250,000.00 dollar verdict in scalding water burn resulting in permanent nerve damage and RSD/CRPS. Verdict was 16 times offer before trial., 2010

Estate of Stacy Camacho v. Seung C. Park, In the State Court of Fulton County, Georgia: $5,830,000.00 dollar verdict in auto collision/ wrongful death case., 2009

Jane Doe v. Myers. State Court of Clayton County. Confidential six figure settlement on behalf of minor sexually abused by neighbor., 2009

Jane Doe v. Pritchard. In the State Court of Coweta County: Confidential six figure pre-trial settlement on behalf of minor injured when friend's SUV rolled over her on camping trip. Injuries: Fractured collar bone, PTSD., 2008

Castle v. DePinto. State Court of Fulton County: Confidential six figure policy-limits settlement. Pedestrian/motorist injury., 2008

Boulier v. Hardeman. State Court of Newton County. Confidential six-figure settlement pre-trial. Auto injury/ PTSD / exacerbation of RA., 2008

Combs v. Abdel-Rahman. State Court of Dekalb County. Confidential six figure policy-limits settlement. Auto injury/ RSD/CRPS., 2007

John Doe v. Holyfield et al. State Court of Fulton County. Confidential six figure settlement on behalf of minor in near-drowning incident., 2007

Brown v. Parker, State Court of Fulton County. Verdict of $430,000.00 in soft-tissue injury Auto/DUI case. Verdict was 14 times settlement offer before trial., 2005

Saladino v. Lions Gate et al. State Court of Dekalb County. Confidential six figure Settlement for mold/property damage against HOA., 2005