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Atlanta Lawyer On How Vaginal Tearing is Common During Childbirth

Atlanta birth injury lawyerAuthor Emily Oster, writing for Slate, sums up one of the unspoken experiences of childbirth with typical bluntness:

When people ask how you are, everyone wants to hear, “The baby is great!” Not “I’m dealing with a third-degree tear and a lingering fear that my vagina will never be the same.”

The seriousness of vaginal tearing varies:

  • First-degree tears heal on their own and do not require stitches
  • Second-degree tears involve the perineal muscles (the area between the vagina and anus) but do not extend to the anus
  • Third-degree and fourth-degree tears extend from the vagina to the anus
  • Fourth-degree tears extend into the rectum. Third- and fourth-degree tears require stitches
  • While most tears are minor, one to five percent of women suffer third- and fourth-degree tears.

Some Causes of Vaginal Tearing Can Be Prevented

Minor vaginal tearing is common during childbirth. Severe vaginal tearing is associated with:

  • Instrument-assisted delivery (delivery with forceps or a vacuum)
  • An episiotomy – when a cut is made in the vagina to help the baby come out (once a common practice now frowned upon by experts)
  • First babies
  • Large babies and, unfortunately
  • Medical errors

The health consequences of vaginal tearing go beyond the pain and the injury that, at its worst, can involve the areas of the vagina, anus and clitoris. For example, women who have given birth also suffer pain while urinating and with their bowel movements.

The mental anguish can take a toll, too, Oster writes:

The fact that these things are not talked about makes many of us feel like we are the only ones dealing with them or we should just get over it. This simply isn’t true … the more we talk about this, the more we do a service to other women, and ourselves, too. 

Your Options

If you have suffered from several vaginal tearing, a time of joy – childbirth – becomes a time of physical, emotional and mental pain. You are facing medical expenses, multiple appointments for treatment and an extended recovery period. Your options appear limited as you deal with doctors, hospitals, their lawyers and their insurance companies. Meanwhile, you are trying to care for a precious new child that you have brought into the world.

Fortunately, the attorneys at Tyrone Law Firm, P.C., Georgia’s only dedicated birth injury firm, understand your situation. Whether you are in Atlanta, Savannah, Athens or Plains, they are experts in birth injury law. They know the local courts. They know how to take on doctors and hospitals who hide behind insurance companies and their own lawyers.

They also know how to treat you with professionalism, respect and compassion. Protect your family and your rights by scheduling a free case consultation today.

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