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What are the common birth risks for mothers?

Atlanta birth injury lawyerThe risk for complications in childbirth was highest during night shifts, weekends, holidays and in July, revealed a report in The New York Times, based on a study published in Risk Analysis.

Specifically, the study found that the danger of complications was:

  • 21 percent higher during nights shifts compared with daytime deliveries on weekdays
  • 9 percent higher on weekends
  • 29 percent higher on holidays
  • 28 percent higher in teaching hospitals in July, which is when new residents begin training. By the following June, the difference was statistically insignificant.

The study was based on maternal complications in more than two million births. More than 21,000 women suffered one or more of the following complications, which researchers noted could reasonably be controlled by hospital staff:

  • Severe perineal laceration
  • Ruptured uterus
  • Unplanned hysterectomy
  • Admission to an intensive care unit
  • Unplanned operating procedure following delivery

Researchers took care to account for race, education, maternal and gestational age, congenital anomalies, and other maternal and infant risk factors.

What can hospitals due to offset the risks?

While the timing of natural childbirth cannot be controlled, a co-author of the study said hospitals can minimize the risks to mothers.

“The question for hospitals is whether schedules and staff can be rearranged to reduce these complication rates,” said David Mushinski, a professor of economics at Colorado State University. “More experienced physicians in the treatment team? More nurses? If hospitals can do it, it will help mothers by making birth easier, and help hospitals by reducing costs.”

For example, complications are higher during “less-desirable” work shifts – nights, weekends and holidays. Staff working those shifts tend to be less experienced, the study says, suggesting that spreading staff with greater experience overall shifts to work in teams where they can share their knowledge would improve patient safety.

When medical experts fail you, get a lawyer

If a woman or child in your family has suffered a birth-related injury, you are likely overwhelmed by your circumstances. Emotionally, mentally and physically, your family is being tested like never before. You may be feeling financial stress, as well as having medical bills pile up and a hospital’s insurance company pressuring you to accept a monetary settlement that is far less than what you deserve or need.

Fortunately, the birth injury lawyers at Tyrone Law Firm, P,C. specialize in handling cases just like yours in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia. They understand nothing is more heartbreaking than your situation. They also understand the law. They can put their experience and expertise to work for you. Your family can heal while they deal with the doctors, hospital administrators and insurance company representatives who are making your life seem unbearable. Your journey toward justice for your family begins with a free case consultation through the law firm’s web site. Contact them today.

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